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ETA Certificate


European Technical Approval (ETA) for a construction product is a favourable technical evaluation regarding the suitability of the product for a designated use. This is based on compliance with six Essential Requisites (ER) established by Directive 89/106/CEE on Construction Products (CPD):

  • ER 1. Mechanical Resistance and Stability
  • ER 2. Fire Safety
  • ER 3. Hygiene, Health and the Environment
  • ER 4. Safety in Use
  • ER 5. Noise Protection
  • ER 6. Energy Saving and Thermal Insulation

The ETA establishes the necessary regulatory framework for all products released on the market. Should applicable regulations not exist for a product the ETA ensures and guarantees compliance with necessary requirements for operation.

Compact Habit’s three-dimensional monolithic modules made of high resistance reinforced concrete have ETA 11/0266.