Construcción Modular – Compact Habit
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The system eMii considers objectives and requirements in which constant technological work is imperative for it to be viable.

The main contributions developed by CompactHabit's R&D+i department are the following:

  • Machine for the casting of three-dimensional modules with maximum measurements of 15x5x3.5m3.
  • Self-compacting concrete of 50MPa with a minimum resistance of 20MPa in 5 hours 30 minutes using a formulation with a degree of acceleration.
  • Execution procedure of the concrete module for a production of 2x75 = 150m²/day/machine.
  • Elastic structure in the configuration of buildings. Each module is floating with respect to its neighbouring modules.
  • Elastic joints between modules resistant to fire, with acoustic and seismic properties.
  • Dry assembly system with possibility of disassembly.
  • In situ or industrialised and temporary foundation system.
  • Assembly line procedure for the interior and exterior equipment of the modules.
  • Procedure for transport and handling of modules.