Construcción Modular – Compact Habit
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Timeframes and prices


The eMii system also offers advantages in terms of time and money.

This is possible thanks to the industrialised processes that generate economies of scale, financial savings and an improvement in the revenue structure derivative of reduced timeframes.

The optimisation of resources and an exhaustive plan of the logistics of transport and assembly also play a very significant part.
Starting with all these advantages, we can state that the cost of the modular part of the building is defined by four variables:

  • The number of modules manufactured per order
  • The measurements of the modules
  • The building specifications and features
  • The transport distance between the production plant and the building's location

Delivery times can also vary depending on the number of modules that make up the project; for example, a building of around 60 modules takes around 5 months. Of these 5 months, approximately 2 months are needed for the finalisation of the work in-situ (connections between modules, roofing, etc.). This, nevertheless, depends on the building company that executes the work and the resources assigned.